How To Connect iPhone Kia Seltos 2021

Connect iPhone Kia Seltos:In this tutorial I am going to tell how to connect smartphone or iPhone to Kia Seltos 2021 model.By following this step by step guide you can easily connect you iPhone or any smartphone bluetooth with the car infotainment system.

How To Pair iPhone To Kia Seltos 2021 Model

1.Ignition On.

2.Press SETUP on buttom of infotainment screen.

3.Setup menu will open on infotainment screen.

4.Press Device Connections.

5.Device Connections Settings will open on infotainment screen.

6.Press Bluetooth Connections.

7.Bluetooth Connection open on infortainment screen.

8.Press Add New.

9.Bluetooth Preferences will open in infotainment screen.

10.Select Handsfree Calling and Audio Streaming

11.Now press OK.

12.Add New Device will open in infotainment screen.

13.Now go to your Smartphone device.

14.Switch On Bluetooth master button.

15.KiaMotor will appear in device search.

16.Select KiaMotor.

17.Six digit code will appear on you smartphone and on car infotainment screen

18.Make sure the code are same.

19.Now press Pair on you smartphone.

20.Smartphone will ask for permission for sinking just Allow them.

That all you smartphone is now paired with the car.

How To Connect Bluetooth On Kia Seltos 2021 Quick Guide

  1. Switch ignition ON.
  2. Press SETUP below infotainment screen.
  3. Setup menu will appear.
  4. Press Device connection.
  5. Device connection settings will open.
  6. Press Bluetooth Connections.
  7. Bluetooth Connection will open.
  8. Press Add New.
  9. Bluetooth Preferences will open.
  10. Tick on Handsfree Calling and Audio Streaming
  11. Press OK.
  12. Add New Device screen will open.
  13. Now move to you Smartphone device.
  14. Swith on Bluetooth .
  15. KiaMotor appear in Device Search.
  16. Select KiaMotor.
  17. Six digit code appear in smartphone and infotainment screen.
  18. Match the code are same.
  19. Press Pair on smartphone.
  20. Smartphone will ask for sinking permission Allow them.

Smartphone is now connected with infotainment system.


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