C1142 Renault OBD-II Trouble Code

C1142 Renault – Brake Fluid Pressure Sensor Circuit

Fault code C1142 Renault brake fluid pressure sensor circuit.This sensor converts the pressure of brake fluid to an electric signal and pass on it to ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) actuator and electric control unit (ECU).ECU unit and ABS actuator monitors the brake fluid pressure sensor.When brake fluid pressure sensor in not upto specification unit the anti-lock brake system and electric control unit set C1142 fault code.

Possible Causes Of C1142 Brake Fluid Pressure Sensor Circuit

1.Faulty or defective brake fluid pressure sensor.

2.Defective ABS actuator and ECU.

3.Sensor harness open or shorted.

4.Poor electrical connection on brake fluid pressure sensor circuit.

5.Faulty or defective stop lamp switch.

6.Faulty vehicle dynamics control pressure sensor.

C1142 Renault Fault Code Symptoms

1.ABS (anti-lock brake system) warning light illuminates.

2.MIL or engine check light illuminates.

How To Fix C1142 Renault

Check for possible causes given above. Inspect stop lamp switch system. Visually inspect brake pipes for brake fluid leakage. Inspect brake pedal. Check brake master cylinder assly and booster system. Visually inspect brake vacuum pipe for leaks and replace error detected parts. Check front brake dish and rear brake. Check anti-lock brake system actuator and electric control unit. Check wiring harness and connector replace or repair error detected parts.

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