How To Reset Tire Pressure TPMS On BMW 320i

BMW 320i TPMS Reset:In this post I going to tell TPMS reset proceduer for BMW 320i.When tyre pressure goes below certain level the TPMS warning light begin to iluminate in dashboard cluster meter.Before performing this reset make sure to fill car tyre with proper pressure before performing reset.For correct tyre pressure check for sticker on door pannel.

How to check tyre pressure BMW 320i

1.Select “VEHICLE INFO” on infotainment screen.

2.Click “VEHICLE STATUS” on infotainment screen.


4.Green colour in all tyre will indicate that tyre are properly infilated and monitered.

5.Red or yellow colour will indicate issue in “FTM”.

How To Reset TPMS BMW 320i

After inflating all tyre with proper pressure follow this step by step process to perform TPMS reset.

1.Turn ignition “ON”.

2.Select “VEHICLE INFO”.

3.From “VEHICLE INFO” menu select “VEHICLE STATUS”.

4.From “VEHICLE STATUS” select “RESET”.

5.Start engine and select “PERFORM RESET” and click “OK”.

After performing the reset drive the vehicle for few kilometer so that initialization is completed.


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