How To Reset Tire Pressure TPMS On BMW 320d 2010

BMW 320d TPMS Reset:Quick and easy tutorial on how to reset TPMS on 2010 BMW 320d.When tyre pressure low warning light begin to iluminate in cluster meter screen you need perform TPMS reset to eliminate the warning light.Before performing this reset make sure to fill all tyre with recommended pressure.

BMW 320d Tyre Pressure Reset

1.Ignition “ON” engine “OFF”.

2.Use “TOGGLER” located in indicator lever on “LEFT” side of steering wheel.

3.Scroll “TOGGLER” “UP” ward till “RESET” with arrow sign begin to display in cluster meter screen.

4.Now PRESS the “BC” button in the lever for “FIVE” seconds.

5.Arrow will disapper from “RESET” sign.

6.Again PRESS the “BC” button for “FIVE” seconds.

7.Tick sign will appear on side of “RESET” in the cluster meter.(Tick means reset is completed)

8.Start the car you will find that “TPMS” warning light has disappear from cluster meter.

2010 BMW 320d Tire Size And Tire Pressure

Tires in BMW 320d 2010 comes in three with tire size of 225/55R16 or 225/50R17 or 225/45R18.


Due to wide range of vehicle make and model content in this post should not be taken specific to any vehicle. Please check with owner manual for correct specification for your vehicle. Information in this post is for training purpose and to be used as guideline only.

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