10 Basic Car Maintenance You Should Know About

basic car maintenance

Basic Car Maintenance You Should Know About: Its so easy to buy car these days but how much you know about inner working about you car. Here are ten basic car maintenance tips every car owner should know about.

10.Adding Windshield Wiper Fluid

Obstructive visibility is critical to safe driving .Windshield washer fluid help you insure your vehicle windshield is clear. It is simple to fill windshield washer tank with fluid. Just open your vehicle hood and look for windshield washer tank cap usually blue in colour for easy spotting and fill it up.

9.Changing Windshield Wiper Blade

Windshield fluid is only half work done.Have you ever driven your vehicle in the rain with your windshield wiper not working.It is most unpleasent experiance.Wiper are a necessity that many people overlook only to realize there importance when they are in critical situation.Make sure these blades are in good shape and should be replace every six months for performing at their best.

8.Checking Engine Oil

Engine oil is there in you vehicle to lubricate,cool and clean your vehicle engine. So this means if there is not enough oil thermal degradation,oxidation and heating will happen. Once this happens it creat friction and heat to engine cylinder walls ,bearing ,rings etc. To check simply pull the dip stick out wipe it with a piece of cloth or paper and dip it back then pull it back again to read the level. Engine oil should be near full mark.

7.Adding Engine Oil

Engine oil should be above low mark and near full mark. If it is below low mark locate the filler cap and top-up it with engine oil lubricant. Check dip stick to avoid over filling because having more than sufficient oil in engine is just as bad as not having sufficient oil.

6.Spare Tire

Your spare tire are there in case you get a flat tire. Spare tire are usually inside the trunk but other are placed elsewear depending on vehicle make and model. It is recommended to check if the spare tire is inflated before you use your vehicle.

5.Checking Tire Pressure

All operator of vehicle should check tire pressure. It is very simple task just remove the cap of tire valve and put a gauge to check accurate tire pressure. Vehicle recommended tire pressure are usually displayed near driver side door jam or fuel tank flap. Rotating the vehicle tire will increse its life so it is good to rotate tire every six months.

4.Checking Vehicle Fluid

Another basic component beside engine oil is coolant power steering oil and brake oil. If you want to keep your vehicle running smoothly make sure to check them regularly.

3.Headlight And Taillight

Headlights and taillights bulbs goes dimmer as time goes by, so inspect them and if required change them from time to time. Checking them regularly is a safe preventive measure.

2.Replacing Engine Air Filter Element

It’s important to change your vehicle air filter every six months.When engine get dirty air filter can get choked. This can cause engine to work harder and effect performane of the vehicle.


Brakes are most important safety feature in your vehicle which you should never fail to observe.When you drive your vehicle observe closely is your vehicle steering wheel shaking while you are pressing brake pedal. If it is shaking this might affect your vehicle stability and anti-lock braking system.


These are some basic car maintenance tips for you vehicle.Information in this post should be use as guideline only.

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